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Sip + Sutra: Embodying The Yoga Sutras

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Tuesday, December 4, 2018
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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Vasu Tribe
56 Arbor St. Suite 407
Hartford, CT 06106 United States
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(860) 993-7912

Join Natalie, Co-Founder of Vasu Studio, every month as she breaks down “The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali.” The Yoga Sutras are an ancient foundational yogic text which are considered the primary source for the practice of yoga. This book describes the spiritual practice of yoga, explains what is is and why we practice it.

The Yoga Sutras contain over 200 ‘threads’ and topics which are often difficult to understand. Natalie will break down one sutra at time during this class with the use of visual meditation, discussion, + ceremony, providing you with the tools to embody the Yoga Sutras and apply them to your daily life.


April 3rd: Sutra 1.1 Now, we begin the study of Yoga
May 1st: Sutra 1.2 Yoga is the stilling of the movements of the mind
June 5th: Sutra 1.3 Then, the Seer is established in their True Nature
July 10th: Sutra 1.4 At other times, we identify with the movements of the mind
August 7th: Sutra 1.5 There are five types of movements of the mind, and they can be either painful or not painful
September 4th: Sutra 1.6 These five types of thought patterns are Right Knowledge, Wrong Knowledge, Imagination (Fantasy), Sleep, + Memory
October 9th: Sutra 1.7 Direct perception, inference, and the reliable testimony of others constitute the sources of Right Knowledge
November 6th: Sutra 1.8 Wrong Knowledge occurs when the perception of something is not based on its true form
December 4th: Sutra 1.9 Imagination is thought based on an image created by words, without actual substance

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