10 Places to Stuff Your Face With Chocolate Cake

Modern Pastry Their Black Forest Cake is both filled and topped with black cherries and whipped cream. To. Die. For. Mozzicato DePasquale BakeryThe Chocolate Mousse cake, with its layers of decadent mousse and dark chocolate cake, will make you just want to bury your face in it like the kid from Christmas Story. The Capital […]

Pratt Street Bricks

If you’ve ever strolled down Pratt Street you’ve most likely noticed all the engraved bricks on the sidewalks. But did you ever take a second to actually read them? Here’s a photo gallery of just some of the most entertaining, historical, and downright hilarious bricks you’ll find on Pratt Street.

Hartford Has It

https://vimeo.com/76635546https://vimeo.com/86539149https://vimeo.com/86366577 The Hartford Has It campaign is designed to motivate city and regional residents to identify with Hartford, to feel good about the city and to feel a sense of pride and optimism about the city and the Greater Hartford Region. Hartford Has It focuses on promoting Hartford’s vast variety of assets to create a […]

Andy Hart’s Photographs

Andy Hart is an AWESOME photographer. Don’t believe us? This website is littered with Andy Hart originals because they are fantastic. You can see more of his photos on Facebook.