Ducks on the Ave

← Attractions / Shops & Services Ducks on the Ave What is duckpin bowling you ask? Turns out it has absolutely nothing to do with ducks, like at all. It’s like regular bowling, but without the finger holes. And with smaller pins. AND you’re allowed three throws instead of two. This joint is the bomb […]

PoP! Hartford

← Attractions / Shops & Services PoP! Hartford Bring your own booze, food, and competitive spirit down to Allyn Street and ping some pongs. This space is big enough to house a small army of table tennis enthusiasts to overthrow the world of olympic sports. Plus, it’s a frickin’ vibe of it’s own with sweet […]

UConn Women’s Basketball

← Attractions UConn Women’s Basketball Go Huskies! Photos lovingly borrowed from UConn Women’s Basketball. VISIT THEM 1 Civic Center PlazaHartford, CT 06103 Facebook-f Instagram Desktop

UConn Men’s Basketball

← Attractions UConn Men’s Basketball Go Huskies! Photos lovingly borrowed from UConn Men’s Basketball. VISIT THEM 1 Civic Center PlazaHartford, CT 06103 Facebook-f Instagram Desktop

Hartford Athletic

← Attractions Hartford Athletic GOOOOAAALLLLL! Dillon Stadium is finally open and Hartford Athletic is bringing the heat for all your soccer needs. Photos lovingly borrowed from Hartford Athletic. VISIT THEM 250 Huyshope AvenueHartford, CT 06106 (860) 216-0816 Facebook-f Instagram Desktop

UConn Football

← Attractions UConn Football Technically in East Hartford (Shh. Don’t tell.), β€œThe Rent” is home to UCONN football, as well as a bunch of other sports-related events. Photos lovingly borrowed from UConn Football. VISIT THEM 615 Silver LaneEast Hartford, CT 06118 (877) 288-2666 Facebook-f Instagram Desktop

Heaven Skatepark

← Attractions Heaven Skatepark Because skateboarding is a sport. Heaven is aptly named, this skatepark is also a canvas for street artists to legally share their art.Β  Photos lovingly borrowed from Heaven Skatepark. VISIT THEM US-6Hartford, CT 06103 Facebook-f Instagram

Keney Park Golf Course

← Attractions Keney Park Golf Course The Keney Park Golf Course is an 18-hole facility, which dates back to 1927. The course has recently reopened and is drawing rave reviews. Photos lovingly borrowed from Keney Park. VISIT THEM 171 Windsor AvenueWindsor, CT 06095 (860) 543-8618 Facebook-f Instagram Desktop

Goodwin Park Golf Course

← Attractions Goodwin Park Golf Course The Goodwin Park Golf Course is a 27-hole facility, which dates back to 1906, and is now thriving on the strength of $1 million in improvements made by the city since 2013. Photos lovingly borrowed from Goodwin Park. VISIT THEM 1130 Maple AvenueHartford, CT 06114 (860) 543-8518 Instagram Desktop

Pine & Iron Axe Throwing

← Attractions Pine & Iron Axe Throwing You get to THROW AXES. It’s kind of like darts, but WITH AXES. Photos lovingly borrowed from Pine and Iron. VISIT THEM 1429 Park Street Suite 102Hartford, CT 06106 (860) 206-3940 Facebook-f Instagram Desktop