Six words.  Deep fried macaroni and cheese bites.  If that is not a reason to eat there every day until your heart explodes, what is? They have live music on the weekends, and there are tiny TVs at every table. In the big TV arena: six plasma TVs and all the DIRECTV Sports packages.  They’ve got DJs Thursday – Saturday nights and live bands every weekend. They even do Zumba on Sundays at 6pm. For real. No lie. Bar Zumba. In addition to an overwhelming number of parties and special events, there are bands every Friday and Saturday night with a DJ in between sets. Like a Club Sandwich, only instead of bread, it’s a DJ and instead of meat, it’s a band. They run so many specials it can be hard to keep track. Their website usually has the most up to date information. It’s busy bar by night, but during the day and at dinner it’s extremely family friendly.  Good stuff.

Black Bear Saloon
187 Allyn Street
Hartford, CT 06103