When you were growing up you probably never said to yourself, “Someday I will be able to pick up a delicious dinner and a fancy ziplock bag filled with booze.” But that day is here. Someday is today. This is everything we never knew we always wanted.
New phone, whoo dat?

Black-Eyed Sally's

Can you go to New Orleans today? No. Can you order a Sally’s Hurricane, Mississippi Mojito, or a Georgia Peach ready-made cocktail in a bag that comes with a bendy straw? Hells yes you can. What happens in the bag, stays in the bag. Laissez les bon temps rouler, y’all. 

Froze 2 go

Place 2 Be

The Place 2 Be opened a new location in Downtown Hartford with a great big outdoor patio, so you can get their Frozen Strawberry Rose or their Sangria Slushy from TWO PLACES in Hartford. Want your Froze 2 Go? You bet your sweet thirst trap. 

Taste the rainbow

Red Rock Tavern

Red Rock Tavern has the prettiest frozen margs this side of the Mississippi. A bag of Skittles can’t hold a candle to a tequila soaked rainbow of margaritas. We want to collect them all. 

Margaritas are the #1 way to avoid scurvy

Agave Grill

Agave has been killing the to-go game, and their booze pouch choices are on point with Spicy Guava, Mango, Strawberry and Good Ol’ Original (LIMEY). Our comprehensive clinical study* shows that drinking Agave margaritas will reduce your chances of getting Scurvy by 100%. 

*We drank a bunch of margaritas and none of us have Scurvy. 

Mojito ice, ice, baby

Bashner's Liquors

Bashner’s Liquors has a really impressive selection of spirits and stuff, but boozy frozen fun pops are the coolest. Frozen fun bags filled with Mojito, Pina Colada, Cosmo and Daiquiri Red? YES PLEASE.

Go home, Nemo and Dory. You're drunk.

Twisted Italian

Nestled inside Parkville Market, you’ll find Twisted Italian where you can get a fishbowl cocktail inside a bag to wash down your chicken cutlet grinder. It’ll be just like when you were a kid and you won a goldfish at a county fair by hurling a ping pong ball into a fishbowl. Only this time instead of a real fish, it’s candy and instead of disgusting carnival water, it’s a delicious cocktail. And instead of winning the fish, taking the fish home, naming it Goldie or Pony Boy, killing it immediately, and flushing it down the toilet, you just drink your drink and remember all the times that other thing happened. 

Bevande in un sacchetto

V's Trattoria

The Russell’s food is so good you want to keep eating until you are in physical pain. They do a phenomenal brunch service with heavenly mimosas, and the bar scene is one of the best if you’re into great music, dancing, and cool people.