6 Places To Get A Brain Freeze All Summer Long


Rocky Road in a Fudge Dipped Cone with Sprinkles – Capital Ice Cream

Whether you want a reprieve from the printer jam from hell or you just rolled out of bed at noon with a hankering for ice cream, Capital Ice Cream will perk you right up. Not only is this joint super cool, their Connecticut homegrown ice cream will make you want to leave your family and start a new life in their freezer. They have all the classics to satisfy your midday sweet tooth, or all day sugar addiction, as well as super rad combinations like the Happy Birthday Shake. Live every day like it’s your birthday because you deserve this.


Mint Chocolate Chip – UCONN Dairy Bar

UConn Dairy Bar is the benchmark for quality ice cream. This is some farm-fresh, grade-A, Connecticut-grown cow ice cream that you don’t even have to drive to Storrs to shove into your face hole. While they only have limited flavors, they have all the classics done so right it will bring a tear to your eye. The mint chocolate chip is downright scientific with the most perfect ratio of chocolate chips to ice cream. Bears + UConn Dairy bar is the greatest duo since Sonny and Cher.


Torrone Gelato – Mozzicato De Pasquale

If you want the quintessential Italian experience, you must stop by Mozzicato’s for some authentic Italian gelato. You’ll swear you’ve been transported to the cobblestone streets of old world Italy instead of standing on Franklin Avenue sweating through your shirt and pants on the hottest day of the year. Each flavor is crafted with love and care and flavored naturally with fresh sun-ripened fruits, nuts and other rich flavors. One taste will show you this is the greatest masterpiece to come out of Italy since Michelangelo’s David. Mamma Mia!


Classic Chocolate in Wafer Cone – Victoria Ice Cream

This is some award winning ice cream y’all. No, seriously. Hanging just behind the immaculate counter is a plaque declaring that these scoops are golden. Victoria Ice Cream has been serving said golden scoops on Maple Ave for decades, from peanut butter cup to cotton candy or even classic chocolate, they’ve got just what the doctor called for to cure whatever ails ya. This classic chocolate cone goes down so smooth it should be un-cone-stitutional.


Cookies & Cream Gelato – Modern Pastry

The gelato from Modern Pastry is a truly religious experience. There’s just enough to satisfy your sweet tooth without feeling too guilty. Unless you have zero self control and will hop over that counter to eat it with your bare hands like a turkey leg at a Ren Faire. They have all the bases covered from torrone to cookies & cream, and even authentic Italian ice. You can spend your summer double fisting their frozen treats until you’re mistaken as a member of the Blue Man Group.


Chocoholic Cannoli Shake – The Place 2 Be

There aren’t enough words in the English language to best describe the behemoth of a milkshake from The Place 2 Be, but if you were going to try they’d be: life changing, world shattering, incredible, a culinary masterpiece, otherworldly. Not only is it enough milkshake to satisfy your craving for the next millennia, but extra care is taken to make sure it is insta-worthy so you can make all your followers green with envy. Each milkshake is carefully crafted with the finest ingredients to send your tastebuds into overdrive. Stop what you’re doing right now and go get your hands on one.