It’s MID FALL y’all. Hartford’s bursting at the pumpkin spice seams with Autumnal goodness and you’ve got to go out there and grab it by the gourds. Sweater weather only lasts so long before you walk into CVS and BAM! Christmas ornaments and candy canes.
Peak fall vibes

Pratt Street

Pratt Street is a leaf garland, twinkle light, corn stalk, pumpkin spice, mum covered Instagram dreamscape these days. Sunberry’s got Ramen to warm your bones, Vaughan’s has more comfort food than you can shake a sheep at, the “Tripleta” at El Poeta De Los Sandwiches is like a warm hug, and Sorella will give you that cozy campfire feeling thanks to their gorgeous wood-fired pizza oven. 

I scream. The end.

Fresh Baked Apple Pie from Black-Eyed Sally's

The Fresh Baked Apple Pie from Black-Eyed Sally’s is served warm in a mason jar with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. This is the kind of desert you want to eat every day for the rest of your life, and then sneak one into the afterlife with you in your pocket. If you’re not dining in, I guarantee that the “Plastic To-Go Container Fresh Baked Apple Pie” is just as ridiculously delicious.

Double Dutch

Dutch Apple Pie from The Kitchen

Step 1: Order two whole Dutch Apple Pies from the Kitchen. Step 2: Pick up your Dutch Apple Pies from The Kitchen. Step 3: Eat one of your entire Dutch Apple Pies on the way home. Step 4: Never speak of this again. Step 5: Don’t talk about Fight Club. 

Dutch apple pies launch on their Thanksgiving menu on October 26th, be ready.

Told you we'd go apple picking.

Fresh Blend Cider from Hog River Brewing Co.

We all know Hog River Brewing makes some hella good beers, but when you’re there picking up a 4-pack of the classic Oktoberfest, or the Glitter Party DIPA, you can also go apple picking (kinda). They’d be happy to pour you a pint or a growler of the Fresh Blend Cider from their friends at The New England Cider Co. You know – because apples are healthy.  

Smoke gets in your chais

Smoky Chai Spice from Hartford Flavor

What Hartford Flavor says:
“Robust smoky notes frame cardamom and ginger mid-tones leading a long cinnamon finish. A wonderful warming sipper with heavy peated scotch notes. Enjoy straight up or over an ice cube.”

What we say:

No need to mull it over. BUY IT.

Mulled Cider Candle from Hartford Prints

This candle boasts 45 minutes of pure burn time so your home can smell like a delightful and delicious autumnal wonderland. With notes of lemon peel, pomegranate, cranberry, and hints of spice and apple cider in the base you’re sure to be 100% that witch (or wizard) this season.

She's a runner, she's a track star

Classic Striped Table Runner from Hartford Artisans Weaving Center

Be the talk of the Thanksgiving table setting town this November with this handmade table runner. Crafted with love, and nimble fingers, from the Hartford Artisans Weaving Center.

Everyday I'm rustlin'

Bushnell Park

There’s nothing quite like a brisk fall walk sans screens. Immerse yourself in nature amidst a sea of bright orange, red, and yellow leaves. Plus, you can totally ride the Carousel regardless of age or take a Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Arch Tour and get some real 360 views for prime leaf peepin’.

Collect all 12

Seasonal Mini Donuts from Tastease

The best thing about mini donuts is that eating a dozen of them is the same thing as eating one regular sized donut, right? 


Obey your master

Master of Pumpkins Pumpkin Ale from Capital Spirits

Even your booze got the pumpkin spice memo. Brewed with native Pennsylvania neck pumpkins harvested just a few miles from their brewery, Master of Pumpkins conjures the spirit of autumn by combining traditional pie spices with French saison yeast to elicit notes of vanilla, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and honey.

The world needs s'more drinks like this

S'mores on the Rocks Cocktail from Red Rock Tavern

Transport your tastebuds back to crisp and smoky autumn bonfires. Vanilla vodka, Godiva chocolate, splash of marshmallow syrup. Finished with a chocolate dipped, graham cracker rim and topped with a toasted marshmallow. Mmm mmm mmm.