10 Places to Stuff Your Face With Chocolate Cake

Capital Grille’s Flour-less Chocolate Cake

Modern Pastry
Their Black Forest Cake is both filled and topped with black cherries and whipped cream. To. Die. For.

Mozzicato DePasquale Bakery
The Chocolate Mousse cake, with its layers of decadent mousse and dark chocolate cake, will make you just want to bury your face in it like the kid from Christmas Story.

The Capital Grille
The Capital Grille chefs must really like chocolate cake too. They bless us with two options: the Flour-less Chocolate Espresso Cake and the Warm Double Chocolate Cake. You can’t go wrong with either.

Capital Grille’s Warm Double Chocolate Cake

The Lava Cake at Salute comes with vanilla gelato, chocolate sauce and candied walnuts just in case a cake that spews chocolate sauce wasn’t rich enough for you.

Salute’s Lava Cake

Max Downtown
Gluten free folks we haven’t forgotten about you and neither have the good people at Max Downtown. Their Gluten Free Chocolate Decadence Cake is so good you won’t even realize it’s gluten free.

Valrhona Chococlate is this special kind of fancy chocolate you can only get from this one tiny village in France. So obviously the Warm Valrhona Chocolate Cake at Peppercorn’s is a must have.

Trinity Restaurant
You know what’s a special kind of black magic? Just how delicious the Black Magic Cake is at Trinity Restaurant. It may trick you into having a second piece. Just let it happen.

Agave Grill
Agave has their own take on the Chocolate Lava Cake. Theirs is topped with a cajeta caramel sauce and an amazing, house-made honey whipped cream.

Agave’s Chocolate Lava Cake

Because everything is locally-sourced and super fancy at Firebox, their Chocolate Guinness Cake is served with Bailey’s mascarpone, macerated plums, and an espresso bean gelato.

Piggy’s Café
The only thing better than a delicious 5 Layer Chocolate Cake would be like a 10 or 12 layer cake. As far as we know that doesn’t exist except in cartoons. So stuff your face with this bad boy until someone invents that for real.